Citizen science is a global movement through which scientists and non-scientists alike make observations, collect data, and help answer some of our planet's most pressing questions.

To protect biodiversity, we need to know more about it. Academy scientists travel the globe in their efforts to learn more, but they can’t be everywhere—we need your help!

Citizen scientists' collective observations of plants and animals, wherever they're found, are beginning to creating an important global record: what biodiversity is found where, how healthy populations are, and what's changing in the environment. By crowd-sourcing this kind of data collection and analysis, the citizen science movement helps science to answer some of the biggest questions we face today. 

Academy projects

Academy Projects

Learn more about our Bay Area projects, biodiversity surveys, and grassroots bioblitzes—what we've found, why we're looking, and how to get involved. 

Join a bioblitz


Join us for a grassroots bioblitz! We gather at local parks to find and document as many species as possible.

Citizen Science Media

Citizen Science Media

A selection of videos, articles, presentations, and press that offer a closer look at citizen science at the Academy. 

Citizen Science partners

Building Community

We work with amazing partners to engage and build the citizen science community. Learn more about our partners, the associations we belong to, and the initiatives we lead.

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Our bioblitzes are powered by iNaturalist, our in-house, citizen science platform. It's a community-powered website and app that makes it easy to upload and share your observations in the field and to get help from other users with flora and fauna IDs.