Feedback chalkboard

Just as a teacher assesses the progress of their students' learning in their classroom, it is important for you to assess what participants are taking ways from professional learning, and what they are looking for or need from a future learning experience.

Why Ask for Feedback from Adult Learners?

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Whether anonymous sticky-notes or informal conversations after the session, feedback gathered at the end of any learning experience is extremely valuable for facilitators and participants. This brief article provides a research-based argument for this viewpoint, and summarizes our example strategies for gathering and analyzing feedback data.


Tried and True Strategies We Love

Gathering feedback

Try out these straightforward, effective strategies for gathering participants' feedback using open-ended methods.

Assessing learning

Find out what participants' are taking away or how their thinking has changed at the end of a workshop or other learning experience.

Analyzing feedback

Try out these simple strategies for facilitators to collaboratively reflect on open-ended feedback from participants.