Farewell to Saturn: Cassini's Spectacular End-of-Mission Science

What final discoveries will the Cassini spacecraft make after 13 years of orbiting the ringed planet Saturn?


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Dr. Matthew Tiscareno, Senior Research Scientist, SETI Institute

Cassini’s 13 years at Saturn have made it the most spectacularly successful interplanetary mission in the history of NASA. In its final 10 months, Cassini has transformed itself into a whole new mission with its Grand Finale, including 20 close flybys off the outer edge of Saturn’s rings and 22 passes between the rings and the cloud-tops of the planet. With detailed new data, Saturn’s rings, its clouds, its small inner moons, and more are coming into sharper focus than ever before. In this lecture, only four days before Cassini’s final plunge into the depths of Saturn, Cassini rings scientist Matthew Tiscareno will review the rich harvest of the Cassini mission.

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