Woman and young girl enjoy making reindeer crafts at the Academy's 'Tis the Season for Science

Ice Lab
Daily, 10 am-3:30 pm
The Swamp, near aquarium elevators 

Explore cold-weather creatures, their adaptations, and their environments through hands-on experiments and demonstrations:

Presenter programs (1-3 pop-ups daily near aquarium elevators )

  • Blubber Glove: Get a “hands-on” feel for how Arctic animals stay warm in cold water climates
  • Melting Ice: Discover how temperature and salinity affect density with this cool-as-ice experiment

Specimen discovery (select pop-ups daily throughout the museum)

  • Bear: Examine black, grizzly, and polar bear skulls, paw prints, and pelts
  • Caribou: Touch a caribou pelt, antlers, antler velvet, and lichen
  • Snowflake: Explore ice crystal structures using microscopes
  • Comet: See a comet made right before your eyes and find out what common ingredients can be combined to make these icy solar bodies (weekends only)