The 12-Hour California Nature Extravaganza
Thursday, September 7, 8 am-8 pm
Watch live on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch

Join us September 7 for a fascinating (and chaotic) 12-hour livestreamed celebration of California nature

We’re embarking on a task *almost* as monumental as California nature itself: In honor of California Biodiversity Day, we’ve lined up nearly 50 nature experts and enthusiasts to help us read out the scientific names of as many groups of California plants, animals, and fungi as humanly possible…in 12 HOURS. (Yes, you read that right.)

Who knows whether we’ll make it through our list of 7,000+ names (a giant number that still doesn’t encompass the true scale of California nature), but we’re bringing animal costumes, live painting, nature poetry, confidently terrible Latin pronunciations, and so much more to the effort.

It’ll be colossal, chaotic, strange, beautiful, fascinating, and more than a little overwhelming, but in all the best ways — aka a perfect homage to California’s incredible nature. Join us live to celebrate California Biodiversity Day in a way no one ever has before…possibly for very good reason.

Watch live on September 7 from 8 am-8 pm on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch!