Young imaginations blossom in Curiosity Grove, a forest-themed environment perfect for little learners. Early childhood programs, an expanded playspace, and enchanting murals await explorers of all ages.

This completely reimagined educational playspace features vibrant, animal-filled murals that bring California’s diverse forest ecosystems to life, interactive, science-themed games and toys, and a variety of kid-friendly public programs.

Kids playing with the colorful wall puzzle in the new Curiosity Grove

What's new?

Updates abound! No more lines makes entry a breeze, easy-to-clean flooring means shoes can stay on, and relaxed age restrictions mean everyone’s welcome. Plus, moms can nurse in a new, secluded nook and restrooms are now all-gender and family-friendly. 

A young explorer emerges from a secret hiding place below the climbing tree in Curiosity Grove.

Space for adventure

Whether your child is captivated by forest canopies or a library full of field guides, Curiosity Grove is packed with enough activities and more open space for curious, growing minds—and plenty of excess energy.

Young visitors explore the kid-friendly specimens on exhibit.

Animal encounters

Curiosity Grove is home to some very special residents: a colony of Madagascar hissing cockroaches and an Eastern box turtle. Eye-level tanks make observing these not-so-creepy crawlers easy for little ones.

Portrait of illustrator Alexander Vidal, the artist who created the woodland murals in Curiosity Grove.

About the muralist

The man behind Curiosity Grove's magical murals is LA-based illustrator and designer Alexander Vidal. His favorite part of creating these murals? Showing all the amazing creatures who call California home.

Experience the Wonder

Visit an aquarium, planetarium, rainforest, and natural history museum—all under one living roof.

Hours & location

Curiosity Grove is open daily, 10 am-4 pm. It's located right next to the Lab Junior Store on the main floor.

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