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Videos, Animations and Images

In case you haven’t seen them—these are stunning and terrifying.

  • -The devastating tsunami sweeping through the Miyagi Prefecture can be seen here and here.

  • -Tokyo buildings swaying during the earthquake here.

  • -A NOAA animation and image of the tsunami movement

  • -Images and video of Santa Cruz harbor destruction.

Science Behind the Earthquake

Find out how earthquakes work from BoingBoing and how tsunamis are triggered far away from earthquake’s epicenter from Scientific American. The 80beats blog on Discover breaks down what happened and explains why it could have been worse. And the New York Times has an article about Japan’s strict building codes.

Tsunami in California

Why has Crescent City been so hard hit? Location, location, location, according to Time.


The Daily Mail linked the full, close moon coming on March 19th with this earthquake in tsunami. Baloney say scientists. Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted, “Interviewed often today. Press wants to blame Japanese quake on cosmos. The Moon is innocent. Blame plate tectonics. Period.”


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