It's hard to say no to a nonagenarian lungfish. (And really, why would you?)


About Methuselah

Methuselah the Australian lungfish in her habitat at the Academy

Common name: Australian (or Queensland) lungfish
Scientific name: Neoceratodus forsteri
Size: Up to 4.9 ft and 95 lbs
Distribution: SE Queensland, Australia
Habitat: Sluggish freshwater bodies

An estimated 85-90 years old—and possibly much older—Methuselah just might be the longest-lived fish in a zoological setting on Earth. As such, she's entitled to certain perks: on-demand belly rubs and being hand-fed figs chief among them. Her aquarists are only happy to oblige, since this grande dame of the Steinhart Aquarium has delighted eight decades of Academy visitors.