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Application for 2023 coming soon!


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The Lepidoptera Course will run August 4—14th, 2023. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

The course is designed for students, amateur naturalists, conservation biologists, and other biologists who have an interest in learning more about butterfly and moth taxonomy. It will emphasize taxonomy, ecology, and field identification of lepidopterans in Southeastern Arizona. Lectures will include background information on the morphology, biology, and ecology of animals and their importance in pollination biology. Field trips will provide participants with collecting, sampling, and observation techniques; and lab work will provide instruction on specimen identification, preparation, dissection, and labeling.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: July 3, 2023. If accepted, fees are due by July 17, 2023.

2023 Instructors TBD

Costs for 2023 are TBD

The 10 night course costs (in 2022) $1,420.00, which is to be paid by all participants upon being informed of their acceptance. Tuition covers course fees for the course and room and board at the SWRS. Preferred methods of payment are personal check, certified check, or money order, payable to SWRS. Credit card fees have increased considerably over the past year; please call the SWRS if you must use a credit card. Transportation costs between home and Tucson (air) and the SWRS (car) are to be covered by all participants. As participants register we will collect email addresses and send to all registrants so that they can arrange carpooling to and from the Station.

For logistics or information about the SWRS you may contact:

attn: Lepidoptera Course Registration, Southwest Research Station, PO Box 16553 Portal, Arizona 85632 E-mail: swrs@amnh.org; Phone: (520) 558-2396

For course information you may contact:

Chris Grinter, California Academy of Sciences: cgrinter@calacademy.org, ph: (415) 379-5320

Past Course Pages

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Lepidoptera Resources

Identification guides, references, supplies, etc.