• Science Action Club participant with butterfly net and petri dish
    Science Action Club activates the citizen scientist in every curious kid.
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    Hands-on, science standards-aligned activities get middle-schoolers outside and exploring their world.
  • SAC educators atop the Academy's Living Roof
    High-quality training resources transform afterschool educators into science ambassadors.

In-depth science in out-of-school time

Kids crave hands-on, feet-in-the-mud, look-under-rocks science. Recognizing the shortage of high-quality science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs for young people—especially those in underserved communities—the Academy launched Science Action Club (SAC) in 2011 to bring exciting, interactive science experiences to middle-schoolers globally.

By cultivating young people's innate curiosity about the natural world while honing their observational and analytical skills, SAC is empowering the next generation of science professionals and environmental ambassadors.


Real experiments designed by Academy experts

Girls dissecting an owl pellet

From conducting sky surveys and collecting insect specimens to assessing habitat health, SAC activities, experiments, and games get kids out in nature and contributing real observations to sustainability research.

The Academy’s trusted role as a museum, research institution, and educational trailblazer helps keep SAC’s curriculum materials cutting-edge and informed by emerging trends and best practices in environmental education.



Positive outcomes for participants and planet

Citizen Science Day

Since debuting in the Bay Area in 2011, Science Action Club is now active in over 480 communities, reaching over 79,000 youth and educators from Anchorage to Albany. A 2020 post-participation survey proves the high impact of SAC curriculum:

  • 80% of youth report "being in SAC makes me more curious about science and nature.”
  • 89% of youth believe “anyone can be good at science” after participating in SAC, and “learning about science can help me better understand the natural world.”
  • 98% of SAC educators report that the SAC training “was beneficial for my professional growth.”

Awards and accolades for Science Action Club

Brandon Hall Group Gold Award logo

We're proud to announce that Science Action Club has won two coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold awards for Excellence in Learning!


In their own words

Read about SAC’s profound impact on a student, trainer, and activity leader.

Mariah Jenkins

"It is one thing to be told, 'Coleopterists study these beetles.' And it is another thing to be handed a net and told to go out and collect the beetles yourself. I realized that learning can be more than getting a lecture and answering questions about it. I was shown that you can experience learning outside of the classroom and on your own."


Donna Frey, Program Director, Anaheim Achieves

"In my 30 years working in YMCA after-school programs, this is by far the most interactive and exciting program we have ever offered to our students. The kids are loving the schoolyard safari and can’t wait to see what is in store for them next semester."


Thomas Azzarella loading up a SAC bug kit

"Science Action Club allows kids to actively take on the scientific research process and apply it to their local environment, where they live. It's about giving kids—no matter where they are—access to science."


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