How do I sign up for the annual subscription plan? You can sign up for the plan when you join the Hive online or purchase a Hive gift membership. Once you have chosen a quantity for a Single or Dual membership, you will be given the option to choose an annual subscription plan. Learn more here.

What does a Double membership include? Double memberships are for any two individuals who would like to join The Hive as a pair. This membership level provides two times the benefits of a Single membership and costs $475. You must have two designated cardholders to enjoy Hive Double benefits.

Can I bring a guest to events? In general, Hive events are for members only, and we cannot accommodate guests. However, there will be specified events throughout the year where we encourage all Hive members to bring a guest.

Can I bring a guest to events with a Double membership? With a Double membership, your guest must be the person with whom you joined. At select events throughout the year, Hive members will be encouraged to invite non-member guests.

Where are my NightLife guest passes? Complimentary Nightlife guest passes are included as part of your Hive membership. Please email hive@calacademy.org with the guest name(s) by noon the Wednesday before the NightLife you'd like to attend, pending availability. Your guest's name will then be added to the guest list. Before entry, they need to check in at the ticketing window to receive their ticket. 

Where are my complimentary Party After Dark tickets? All complimentary Party After Dark tickets are emailed to Hive members in the spring prior to the event – try searching for emails from tickets@calacademy.org.

What is the tax deductibility of my membership dues? For a Single membership of $350, the tax-deductible amount is $225. For a Double membership of $475, it is $300. Acknowledgement letters can be provided upon request.

What if I’m already an Academy member and wish to join The Hive? If you are between the ages of 21-40, you will only have to pay the difference between your current membership and The Hive membership rate to upgrade.

What if I’m already an Academy Friend level donor ($1,000+) and interested in joining The Hive? Simply let us know! You will be automatically enrolled in The Hive if you are interested.

What’s the difference between The Hive and an Academy membership level? A membership level is a category of giving to the Academy rather than a cohesive group. Membership benefits are defined by the level of support and vary by support level. The Hive is an affinity donor group that supports and is supported by the Academy and participates collectively in a schedule of specific events. 

Who are the members of the Hive? Our members are eclectic, smart, science-savvy supporters representing a variety of backgrounds, industries, and experiences—from tech entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, artists, and graduate students to investment bankers, doctors, teachers, and lawyers. From those with a long-time investment in science and sustainability to those inspired minds seeking an active connection to Academy research, they are united by their wonder and appreciation for the natural world and strive to sustain it.

Is there a dress code for Hive events? Tasteful, stylish attire is encouraged, but there is no strict dress code. Many members come to events directly from work and wear business attire. Off-site events may require specific attire based on the nature of the event.

How often do events take place? We generally host an event every other month of the year. Most events take place on weeknights, but we do plan the occasional Saturday event, tour, or day trip. Check out our schedule of events for more details.

What’s the average Hive event like? A typical evening event will start at 6:30 pm and will last until ~8pm. Events will range from presentations, lectures, and tours to volunteering outings and outdoor excursions, to cocktail receptions and networking events.

How many Hive members are there? The Hive launched in January 2015 and hovers around 250 members each year.

When does my Hive membership commence? Membership takes effect the day of purchase and remains active for one year.

Is there an additional cost to attend Hive events? Most events are included with a membership. Some expeditions and special programs will require an additional fee to cover travel, etc..

How can I stay updated on The Hive? Visit www.calacademy.org/hive, join The Hive’s official Facebook group, or call (415) 379-5420.