100 millionth image of the Sun from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory or SDO

The hundred-millionth image of the Sun taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.


The Sun causes a lot of visible and invisible activity in our Solar System. What are solar eclipses and space weather, and what causes them? Take your curiosity about the Sun to the next level by exploring an array of links and resources below.

The Sun and Space Weather is a live, 15-minute, family-friendly program hosted by Morrison Planetarium presenters in Hohfeld Hall. Showtimes include Monday-Friday at 1:40 pm, and Saturday-Sunday at 11:30 am, 1:40 pm, and 3:50 pm. See full schedule at the Daily Calendar.


Space Weather

Solar Storm showing magnetic fields

There is a lot of activity on the Sun that can cause space weather. What are solar flares, solar wind, sunspots, and more? Explore more with the links below.


Magnetic Fields

Earths Magnetic Field

Space weather has a lot to do with magnetic fields. What are magnetic fields? Explore more with the link below.


Community Science Projects

Sun with magnifying glass

You can get involved with solar science by participating in a community science project. Community science is a global movement through which scientists and non-scientists alike make observations, collect data, and help answer some of our planet's most pressing questions. Explore a project with the links below.


Explore more of the Universe

Earth in OpenSpace

You can fly around with the same software we use in the planetarium at home using the free, open-source planetarium software OpenSpace!

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