I am thrilled to announce that Lovell and Libby Langstroth recently gifted their 35mm slide collection to the Academy Archives. The collection includes 23 binders of slides from dives in Monterey Bay and 13 binders of slides from the Indo-Pacific.Corynactis californica; Club Tipped Anemone

Corynactis californica. L. & L. Langstroth © California Academy of Sciences

The Langstroths already had more than 300 digital images hosted on Calphotos, where the Academy Library has over 32,000 images of plants, animals, fungi, landscape, and human culture images available online. The Langstroths were looking for a home for their spectacular photography collection, and the Academy was a natural fit. We will soon start to survey the photographs and select new images to add to Calphotos.

Macrocystis pyrifera; Giant Kelp

Macrocystis pyrifera. L. & L. Langstroth © California Academy of Sciences

Some more details about the Langstroths are given in their Calphotos bio:

Lovell, M.D. Stanford U; Libby, PhD Anthropology, U.C. Berkeley. Pursued marine biology studying at Stanford's Hopkins Marine Station and Cal State's Moss Landing Marine Lab. Dived and photographed extensively in California waters and the IndoPacific. Volunteered as guides for 20 yrs. at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Published "A Living Bay, the Underwater World of Monterey Bay" University of California Press, Berkeley, 2000.

Loligo opalescens

Loligo opalescens. L. & L. Langstroth © California Academy of Sciences.

Tethya aurantia

Tethya aurantia. L. & L. Langstroth © California Academy of Sciences.

- Danielle Castronovo

Archives & Digital Collections Librarian

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