In his 30-year scientific career, Dr. Bruce Bolt held many titles. He was a professor of Earth and Planetary Science at UC Berkeley, president of the California Academy of Sciences' Board of Trustees, chairman of the California Seismic Safety Commission, and more. Bolt is remembered for his passionate advocacy of earthquake awareness and his creative efforts to encourage public safety. He conceived and helped design two earthquake–related exhibits at the Academy, including a cutting-edge multimedia "shake" theater in 1998 that was hugely popular with the public.

Bolt pioneered the field of seismic engineering, put strong–motion sensors near earthquake faults, located the true epicenter of San Francisco's 1906 quake, and helped California strengthen safety codes for mobile homes, private schools, hospitals and public buildings.

"In the three decades he was associated with the Academy, he really pushed to make people think creatively," said Terry Gosliner, former Dean of Science at the Academy. Gosliner recalls walking by the first 1980s-era exhibit featuring a video with Bolt's voiceover informing Academy visitors, "We must be prepared; it will happen again."

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Professor Bruce Bolt pioneered the field of seismic engineering, helping to strengthen California safety codes for private and public buildings. A former president of the Academy's Board of Trustees, Bolt is remembered for his passionate advocacy of earthquake awareness.