In this Flipside Science unit, designed for a middle school audience, we'll explore environmental issues related to our water use. On this page you'll find five short videos and five associated lesson plans connected to the Next Generation Science Standards with an emphasis on engineering and design thinking.

Videos in This Unit



How do we provide the world's growing population with enough water to drink?

Water-Wise Farms


Water is wasted daily by inefficient farming practices, but we can find solutions.

Recharging Aquifers


Did you know there are thousands of gallons of water right under your feet?

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All units in this series focus on human impacts on Earth's systems.

Unit Lessons in Sequence

Exploring Our Growing Need for Water

Exploring our growing need for water lesson

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In this two-day lesson, students explore several issues surrounding global water use and conservation.

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Download an overview of the course, complete with connections to the NGSS.

Associated Resources


Cornucopia game

In this game, students level up the farm with green technology to meet the space and water needs of their crops.

About Cornucopia

Darah Playing Cornucopia

In this free browser-based game, you'll plant crops and earn technology updates to make your farm successful!

Science Texts for Close Reading

Reading for Students

Your students can evaluate some of the innovative solutions introduced in this unit, like waste water recycling.

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