Data from the Gaia spacecraft have helped to create a 3D map of our galaxy!

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A Billion Stars Reveal the Milky Way as You've Never Seen It Before
Monday, May 6, 7:30 pm
Morrison Planetarium

Featuring Jackie Faherty, Senior Scientist & Senior Education Manager, American Museum of Natural History

The Gaia space telescope recently released its second catalog of over 1.3 billion stellar distances, which is helping astronomers map the Milky Way like never before. Jackie Faherty will guide you through cutting-edge visualizations of the most spectacular astronomical dataset of our time—a virtual tour of hundreds of millions of stars, highlighting the revolutionary scientific progress that astronomers have accomplished in the one short year since the data was released. You’ll be immersed in the measured motions and distances of over a billion stars, revealing the history of our galaxy, from recent stellar flybys to long ago Milky Way mergers.

About Jackie Faherty

Jackie Faherty's research interests are primarily concerned with the study of brown dwarfs.

Not only is Dr. Faherty an accomplished scientist primarily concerned with the study of brown dwarfs, she is also a passionate advocate for engaging students and communities in order to instill the values of curiosity and discovery. She holds a unique position at the American Museum of Natural History that allows her to pursue scientific research at the forefront of exoplanet characterization studies while mentoring and advising education programs for students and general public alike. Aside from a love of scientific research, Dr. Faherty is a passionate educator and can often be found giving public lectures in the Hayden Planetarium.