Pluto and its moon Charon

Landscapes of the Solar System
Monday-Friday: 1:40 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 11:40 am, 1:40 pm, 3:40 pm
Hohfeld Hall (view on map)

Gain a new perspective on the beautiful landscapes on Earth and in our solar system, a family-friendly, 15-minute program hosted by our stellar cast of planetarium show presenters.

Earth has a variety of amazing landscapes to explore. Where in our solar system can we find similar natural wonders? Join one of our planetarium presenters as we visit landforms on Earth and then fly to planets and moons in search of how features on our home planet compare to other worlds.

Programs in Hohfeld Hall are a great option for families with children under 4 who are too young for Morrison Planetarium shows but eager for a bit of cosmic adventure. No reservations required!