Big news: The largest land animals that ever lived have arrived at the Academy! Get ready for a hot sauropod summer with life-size dinosaur models, hands-on interactives, and programs for junior paleontologists.

Take a deep breath: About one pint of air just filled your lungs. Got 173 more? That’s how much a 60-foot Mamenchisaurus hoovered up with every inhale. Talk about breathtaking!

At the Academy’s newest exhibition, you’ll get to gaze up at incredible, ancient, long-necked herbivores like Mamenchisaurus and Argentinosaurus; learn how they lumbered across every continent; and dig into research on present-day organisms helping paleobiologists understand how these dinosaurs thrived for 140 million years.

Now open daily. Watch the trailer!

Sensory advisory: This exhibition contains a strobe light, sounds and music, and interactive media screens. View our interactive map for a sensory guide to all Academy exhibits and spaces.

Clear cube filled with half-ton of plant matter represents daily diet of Mamenchisaurus dinosaur

The need for feed

As you enter the Academy, feast your eyes on a display containing the daily diet of a young adult Mamenchisaurus—up to 1,150 pounds of plant matter per day!

Model of young dinosaur in nest with egg replicas

Nothin' but nest

Hatching from soccer-ball-sized eggs, young sauropods didn’t stay small for long—in fact, they grew at a faster rate than any other known land animal! Discover the modest beginnings of living and extinct animals through a display of egg replicas.

Guests gaze up at life-size model of Mamenchisaurus on exhibit at AMNH

Mamma Mamenchisaurus!

You won’t believe your eyes—or its size—when you marvel at a full-scale model of a female Mamenchisaurus spanning 60 feet long. Projections on the outside of the model give you an inside look at the dinosaur’s heart and lungs in action.

Cast of diplodocus skull on exhibit at AMNH

Telling the tooth

Paleobiologists think that the pencil-like teeth of Diplodocus allowed it to nip and strip the leaves from tree branches—a surprisingly delicate feat for a 13-ton sauropod.

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Hours & location

The World's Largest Dinosaurs is open daily through January 21, 2024. Find it in the Forum Gallery on Level Two, directly above the Academy Café.

The World’s Largest Dinosaurs is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York (, in collaboration with Coolture Marketing, Bogotá, Colombia. All exhibition photos on this page © AMNH/D. Finnin.
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