Are you ready for this year's City Nature Challenge? Get outside and observe the wildlife in your backyard!

Scientists from the Academy are partnering with local organizations in the Galápagos for conservation.


Academy scientists visit the coral reefs off the island of Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean.

Academy biologists sustainably source many of the butterfly species found in our rainforest exhibit.

How can eating insects protect lemurs?

What lurks in the deep waters of Cordell Bank Marine Sanctuary?

Deep-diving scientists find that mesophotic reefs (an area called the Twilight Zone) are not a refuge they hoped

Australian lungfish Methuselah gets fed by hand at the Academy

Methuselah is our Australian lungfish—and she just might be the oldest fish in any public aquarium on Earth.

Academy scientists are trying to get coral to spawn in the lab.

Forest fire

Academy scientists are trying to understand what happens when we reintroduce fire to forests.


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