We're using genomics to understand more about beetles, seahorses, scorpion venom and other organisms!

The Academy's in-house production studio reveals how they created Expedition Reef's eye-popping effects.

Jean DeMouthe was the queen of museum collections, especially geology—gems and minerals.

Malaysia expedition

Academy scientists are working with local scientists in Penang, Malaysia to survey a very special rainforest.

Scorpion fluorescing

Academy arachnologist Lauren Esposito explains why scorpions are not to be feared—and how they glow in the dark.

Scientists are rushing to learn more about northern spotted owls to help protect them.

Highly endangered cycads fetch a high price and the ancient plants are being stolen at an alarming rate.

Academy scientists join the 2017 March for Science.


The Academy's addition to Osher Rainforest creates the perfect conditions for butterflies and moths.

What do scientists have in common with the species they discovered and described in 2016?


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