The Great Shake Out

The Loma Prieta earthquake occurred 25 years ago today. This week, we’ve offered up some quick tips for earthquake preparedness to get you ready for the next big one. Today’s final post is about making a plan with the family.

Pose these five questions and make sure everyone in your household knows the answers:

  1. Does everyone know how to DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON? (If not, practice it. More info here.)
  2. Where are the earthquake kits? (See previous posts for kit items and kit locations.)
  3. Where will you meet each other if your house is unsafe after an earthquake? (Identify a meeting place near your home if you can’t get in the house.)
  4. If you’re not at home, who will you call to reach one another? (Local phone lines and cell service are often down after a big quake. Choose an out-of-area contact who can be called by everyone to relay information. Use that person as a way to communicate with others if you’re separated.)
  5. Where is your list of emergency contacts? (Provide all household members with a written list of phone numbers of important contacts. Keep the list in wallets or backpacks in case you don’t have access to your cell phone.)

Image: Cal OES/Flickr

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