Earthquake Kit

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake this week, we’re offering up some quick tips for earthquake preparedness. For the rest of the week, we’ll give you some easy ways to prepare yourself and your family for the next earthquake.

Starter earthquake kit:

Making an earthquake kit is something all of us who live in earthquake country know we should do, but the long lists of recommendations can seem daunting. If you don’t have a list yet, below is a short one that can get you started. Collect these 10 things, and put them somewhere safe (see Wednesday’s post for more information on locations). You can likely purchase all of these items in one afternoon:

  1. One gallon of water per day for 3–5 days, for every member of your household (babies and pets included).
  2. Food for 3–5 days for every member of your household. Get non-perishable food and replace it every year. Or buy MREs that last longer.
  3. Flashlight.
  4. An emergency radio (hand-crank or battery-powered) so you can get news and safety updates.
  5. Batteries for radio and flashlight.
  6. First-aid kit.
  7. Multi-purpose tool.
  8. Extra daily medications.
  9. Sanitation items, like wipes or hand-sanitizing gel, toilet paper, and soap.
  10. Warm clothing or an emergency blanket.

You can always add more items, like the ones listed here, but the above short list is a great start.

Image: Global X/Flickr

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