Award-winning artist, community engineer, and brand expert, Anacron's unique blend of experience fuels his leadership of NightLife at the Academy.

From his early days as a young jazz prodigy to international appointments as a US Cultural Ambassador, Anacron has consistently pushed boundaries. He's released over 25 albums, collaborated with global artists, and founded an international collective of creators. His music, spanning hip-hop, jazz, and electronic, reflects his versatility.

Beyond music, Anacron's expertise lies in community building and brand management. He's a certified educator, executive coach, and advocate for shared humanity and fellowship. As Brand Manager of NightLife, he leads and supports the collaborative efforts of multiple teams, bringing the Academy to life every Thursday evening.

Shaped by an unconventional journey, Anacron brings a unique perspective that thrives at the heart of NightLife. His passion for creativity, community, and innovation perfectly reflects the Thursday night experience.