group photo in front of mountain range

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John Brown

  • Larval Morphology (mp4)
  • Microlepidoptera Overview
  • Macrolepidoptera Overview
  • Microlep Lab
  • Taxonomy and Nomenclature Tortricoidea

Richard Brown

  • Analysis of Wing Patterns
  • Lepidoptera Morphology
  • Male Genitalia
  • Pupae Lab
  • Sex Scales

Jennifer Bundy

  • Caterpillar Studies

Chris Grinter

  • CAS Lepidoptera Collection
  • Collecting and Observing
  • Spreading Microlepidoptera
  • Pyraloidea
  • Zygaenoidea

Kevin Keegan

  • Caterpillar Crypsis & Mimicry
  • Introduction to the Noctuoidea

Ray Nagle

  • Histology of Lepidoptera
  • Arctiinae of SE Arizona

Bruce Walsh

  • Butterflies and Moths of AZ

Ron Rutowski

  • Defensive Adaptations
  • Insect Vision
  • Lepidopteran Behavior
  • Lepidoptera Coloration
  • Mating Systems
  • Monitoring Butterflies


  • Lycus field lab data pt.1, pt.2