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Spooktacular Skulls

Crocodile Skull

Oct 31, 2018: Come face to face with spooktacular skulls ranging in size from a bat to a bear—and even bigger!

Human Odyssey Map

human odyssey map

Watch humanity's 200,000-year migration using this interactive map of archeological, genetic, and climate data.

School Field Trips

SchoolBus_MarioSánchezPrada school field trip ideas

© Mario Sánchez Prada

Field trips are available year-round for formal California school groups of students in grades pre-K through 12.

Teacher Workshops at the Academy

Coral Kit Training (grades 3 - 7)


© World Fish

December 8 at 8:30 am

Dive into the world of the coral reef ecosystem and become eligible to borrow this kit!

Featured Resources

Science Lesson Plans

LessonPlans_Notebooks science lesson plans

© wikihow

Find science activities to focus your field trip or lessons to integrate into your yearly curriculum.

Flipside Science


This youth-powered series tackles complex environmental topics and empowers viewers to make a difference.

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Distance Learning programs

Can't make it to the Academy? We offer a wide breadth of resources that can impact your teaching from afar.

Professional Development

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Dive into science content, engage in effective teaching pedagogy, and develop a sense of how science really works.

Science Video Vault

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Browse our collection of educational videos to help your students visualize data and understand scientific and environmental concepts.

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Teacher Membership

California Academy of Sciences Naturalist Center

Pre-K through 12th-grade teachers in California are eligible for special memberships to the Academy!

Reflecting on Practice Coaching Workshop

Team of Informal Educators

"I was able to acheive a greater understanding of what is possible and to design activities to truly make an impact!"

Jan-Feb 2019: Get trained in Seattle or St. Louis on this professional learning program for informal educators!

Fancy Fish

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