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3rd Grade - 4th Grade

Play "Poops and Ladders" as you follow our poo, pee, or paper through San Francisco's sewer system!

6th Grade - 10th Grade

In this activity, students gain insight into the challenges associated with meeting various design requirements.

3rd Grade - 11th Grade

Have you ever thrown away food after a meal? Have you ever thrown away a whole piece of food? Why?

4th Grade - 8th Grade

What are the problems associated with burning fossil fuels?

4th Grade - 8th Grade

What are the consequences of mining for fossil fuels?

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

How can you make learning fractions fun? By building a colony of adorable penguins!

6th Grade - 10th Grade

Design Thinking Challenge: Are your students ready to tackle a water issue at home or in their school?

6th Grade - 11th Grade

Can we use a model to predict the impacts of nutrient pollutants on an aquatic ecosystem?