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4th Grade - 8th Grade

By building your own seismograph to document shaking, you'll learn how scientists measure earthquake intensity.

3rd Grade - 8th Grade

How much space is truly in space? How does the distance between things affect the ways we see things?

5th Grade - 10th Grade

In this active model, students will simulate sugar molecule production to store energy—using ping pong balls!

3rd Grade - 6th Grade

Do you know the relative sizes of the moons in our solar system? Put yourself to the test with some Play-doh.

5th Grade

Explore your neighborhood's ecosystems.

2nd Grade - 8th Grade

What types of natural resources are used to make the objects we use in everyday life? Play bingo to find out!

Preschool - 3rd Grade

Work together to gather natural objects, and build creative structures with them!

Preschool - 3rd Grade

Encourage kids to engage with nature through investigation and observation, in a safe, supportive environment.