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Kindergarten - 12th Grade

Students insert a Table of Contents, number the pages, and complete their first reflective entry.

6th Grade - 10th Grade

Design Thinking Challenge: Are your students ready to tackle a food system issue at home or in their school?

Kindergarten - 8th Grade

What animals did your barn owl eat this week? Observe the bones it swallowed to identify its prey!

2nd Grade - 6th Grade

Using paper drinking cups, our pre-made patterns, and a push-pin, you can make your very own constellations!

6th Grade - 11th Grade

Trace patterns of agricultural expansion through space and time. Do you see evidence for how agriculture spread?

6th Grade - 11th Grade

Observations inspire scientific questions and drive discoveries. Explore seasonal primary productivity on Earth!

6th Grade - 10th Grade

In this activity, students will be transformed into strategically low-impact world travelers.

3rd Grade - 8th Grade

How much of outer space is just space?