Enjoy these extra Science @ Home activities designed just for Academy members ages 4-8.

Feeling crafty? Make some monarch origami, create a coral reef crown, or piece together a penguin party hat in just a few kid-friendly steps.

Please note: While Science @ Home activities are designed to be conducted by kids, some little ones might need adult help with reading instructions and preparing crafts.


Sea otter kelp bed card

Sea otter card craft

Sea otters keep kelp forests in balance by eating sea urchins. Create your own sea otter kelp bed card to show how sea otters are important just by eating.

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Albatross flyer

Albatross paper craft

Imagine flying around the world nonstop in 50 days. What kind of wings would you need? 11-foot albatross wings! Create your own albatross flyer to hang in your home and inspire your dreams of flight.

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T. rex hat

Girl wearing a paper T. rex hat

Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the largest predatory dinosaurs. It had 24 teeth that were 7-8 inches long and shaped like bananas. Prowl around your home as a T. rex with this build-your-own hat!

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Build your own leafcutter ant

Leafcutter ant craft

Leafcutter ants roam the forests of the Americas, carrying leaves up to 20 times heavier than their bodyweight! This activity will help you build your own larger-than-life leafcutter ant using materials that you can find in any local park or forest.

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Snake finger puppet

Paper finger puppet snake

Snakes are found with a dazzling variety of patterns and colors. Make your own snake finger puppet to bring with you on your herping adventures.

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Color a San Francisco garter snake

Felt crayons icon

Ever wonder about what kinds of snakes are local to the Bay Area? Color this San Francisco garter snake and learn why many consider it North America’s most beautiful snake.


More activities

Craft of a shark made of clothespins

Clothespin shark (craft)
Transform an ordinary clothespin into your very own shark-buddy. Then, use all of your senses to detect and ambush your prey in the Secret Shark Game.

Color a leopard shark (coloring)
Leopard sharks are common along the California coast. Don't be scared, these sharks are docile toward humans. Their favorite foods are shrimp, crabs, and small fish. Color a leopard shark!

Envelope shark (craft)
Craft a shark puppet from an envelope that you can wear on your hand and “swim” through your home.

Color a thresher shark (coloring)
The thresher shark lives in the open ocean and has an incredibly long caudal, or tail, fin. Learn about the thresher shark and color its watery home.

Rockets & rovers
Paper doll craft of a space rover

Rover paper doll (craft)
Who says rovers can't be cute? Color, cut out, and assemble a paper rover using this template, and mix and match parts to make it unique.

My backyard
Natural materials collage

Nature crayons (activity)
The natural world dazzles with every color of the rainbow. What colors can you find when you go outside? Gather natural materials to paint a picture using “crayons” you made, not bought in the store.

Sustainability (coloring)
Use your artistic imagination to illustrate how we’re all connected to the natural world.

Coral reefs
Construction paper coral reef crown

Porthole portal (craft)
Create a beautiful, animal-filled coral reef scene that you can peer at through your undersea porthole.

Coral reef crown (craft)
Become coral reef royalty with this colorful, easy-to-make crown.

Alligator popsicle stick craft

Snapping 'gator (craft)
Craft an alligator that opens and closes its mouth with just a tug of string.

How do you color a Claude? (coloring)
How would you color an albino alligator? You'll have to get creative.

Girl wearing paper penguin party hat

Penguin party hat (craft)
With this cute cap, you'll be ready to hop into any party.

Hatching penguin (craft)
Make a baby penguin chick hatch right before your eyes with this quick craft.

Monarch butterfly origami craft

Monarch origami (craft)
Decorate your room with a kaleidoscope of origami monarch butterflies. (Yes, a group of butterflies is really called a “kaleidoscope!”)

Butterfly life cycle mobile (craft)
Make a hanging sculpture of the four stages of a butterfly’s life cycle: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly.

Our sky
Faces on the moon craft

Faces on the moon (craft)
Use your imagination to add some artistic enhancement to the surface of the moon.