August 16, 2011
We just published another finding aid to the Online Archive of California!
July 18, 2011
Greetings from the nation’s capital!
June 13, 2011
We are very excited to welcome the new Summer Connecting Content interns to the California Academy of Sciences. Although we are sad to see our Fall intern Josh Roselle leave, he has produced a great...
May 13, 2011
I am thrilled to announce that Lovell and Libby Langstroth recently gifted their 35mm slide collection to the Academy Archives.
May 12, 2011
I am almost at the end of my 16-week internship at the Academy Library, and I am excited to have started imaging finch specimens.
May 2, 2011
Watch Into the Deep with Elephant Seals on Wednesday, May 4th at 7:30pm on KQED 9 & KQED HD on Comcast 709 or online at
April 22, 2011
My name is Tristan Campbell, for the last two weeks I've been an intern in the library here at California Academy of Sciences.
April 19, 2011
Cordell Bank is located north of the Gulf of the Farallones and about 22 miles west of Point Reyes. Discovered in 1869 by Edward Cordell, it remained unexplored until Robert Schmieder and his team of...
March 24, 2011
Since my last blog post I have finished scanning the field notes of Alban Stewart, the expedition botanist, and I have moved on to Washington Ochsner’s geology field notes.


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