Conservationists are using science to help stop elephant poaching, but more needs to be done.

Many new species discoveries: a jumping spider, a pit viper, an orchid, and a sponge made of glass!

Scientists have found antibodies in bee semen that protect the bees from fungus. Could it fight other parasites?

Academy scientists discovered dozens of new species last year, trying to understand more about the tree of life.

A new study shows that protected areas, such as national parks, are doing their job saving wildlife.

Coral reef ecosystems, one of our most critical habitats on Earth, have been in the research news lately. Why?

Our first post of 2016 offers new frogs from Madagascar, beetles from South Africa, and fish from Australia.

An interactive map lets you see how big your (and your neighbor's) carbon footprint is.

This week: Africa is in the spotlight with multiple new dragonfly and clawed frogs species.

More news from the annual AGU meeting.


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