The annual Arctic Report Card has been released, and the news is pretty bleak.

How can we better monitor heat in the ocean to understand how fisheries and the Antarctic will be affected?

We continue reporting on ocean plastics this week. Learn how surfers are recycling plastic waste.

In many cases, natural wildfires help forest ecosystems.

After 15 years of work, an international governing body has created the world's largest marine protected area.

Early humans and volcanoes—connected in the Rift Valley.

A newly-discovered fault near the Salton Sea is revealed on the anniversary of the Loma Prieta ’quake.

Our last post in a series leading up to our Gems and Minerals exhibit, opening Friday.

Our second post in a short series about the minerals in our lives...

We begin a short series today on different minerals, leading up a new exhibit, opening on September 30.